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    Changzhou Sanfeng Metal Die-casting Co., LTD is a private company specialized in manufacturing precious die-casting work-piece of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. It is founded in 1998 with 5000 plant area. Now, the company has 8 horizontal(cold type) die-casting machines from 135tons to 350tons, including 3 automatic Japan Toshiba die casting machine while 2 is 135tons and 1 is 350tons and 5 domestic die casting machine with 2 160 tons, 2 180tons and 1 is 200 tons. Besides, we have brother machining center, CNC machine that can machine preciously base on customer’s requirement. The product is measured by mitutotyo 3 coordinate measuring machine. Up to now, our annual capacity is 500 tons aluminum alloy die casting work-pieces.
    Our main products are including the components of stylus printer, grass cutting machine and various kinds of motor end frames.
    And, our main customers are including FuJian Epson, Nanjing Fujitsu Computer Equipment Co.,Ltd, Fujian Shida Computer Equipment Co., LTD, Okamoto Machinery (changzhou) Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Mingzhi Electrical Appliance Co., LTD, etc.
    The company was authenticated by ISO9001 quality system in the December of 2007.

    The company is aimed at quality first and service foremost

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